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Nanci Rose Blessed Designs was birthed from love between a granddaughter and her grandmother, Nanci & Rose.  It started as a let’s find something to do together project while Rose was visiting Nanci.  They bought a jewellery making kit from a local shop and started making jewellery.  They had so much fun, that they continued long after the visit.  The plan was when Nanci relocated with her family to Australia where Rose lives and they would work together and travel around to flea markets and sell the jewellery as a fun thing to do together. 

The delay in the relocation gave the pair time to think more about their projects and it was decided that they would pray over each piece of jewellery asking God’s blessings on the wearer, for healing and God’s peace to be with each piece of jewellery like Acts 19:12. 

Then the Covid-19 thing happened … that changed life all around.  Nanci isn’t relocating at this time, so Nanci and Rose get together and make their pieces together with video calls.  They call it “jewellery jammin’”.  Praying over each piece as it is made.  So at this point they needed to come up with a new way to sell the jewellery. 

Uncle Beard, as he is called by the nieces & nephew (Nanci’s uncle, Rose’s son), has set them up a website so they can boost their jewellery sales from there.  Having an American office and a Australian office.

Each piece of jewellery is made to be original and a one of a kind piece that carries the anointing of God on it.  However, they are happy to make copies, if it is possible, or to create a piece especially for you, praying for whatever your needs are.  It is possible to get a piece for either branch, American or Australian,  just keeping in mind shipping charges and exchange rates. 

You can contact us via email, we look forward to hearing from you.



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